The Mission

Why a site to support nurses’ healing?

It is our premise that nurses are the heart and healing of healthcare.  It is widely thought that nursing care is the essence of the healing that occurs in the majority of our Healthcare institutions, regardless of settings.

In order for nurses to reveal themselves fully to this mission of healing they must work in supportive environments.   While an environment is vital, equally vital is the individual and their ability to be fully present.   This full presence is dependent upon a nurse to be fully knowing  of the science as well the art of their work.  There is no doubt nursing is a calling and challenging in all environments.  Thus this healing presence requires nurses to be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

The intention of this site is to be interesting, thought provoking, supportive, fun  and help nurses sustain themselves in order to continue to heal.

This site is launched and will be continually iterative in process to grow and serve viewers.

– Jim