About Jim Kane

jimI have been working in healthcare for decades. I have done nearly everything this career offers, and in almost every venue of practice. My career began in rural upstate New York where I was born and raised. My education began with an Associates in Nursing followed by B.S. from SUNY at Stony Brook. After some years in critical care and variety of other roles I pursued a Masters in Nursing from UCLA specializing as Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, in Consultation Liaison Nursing.

My experiences includes: Med/Surg, Neonatal ICU, Trauma, all venues of Critical Care, Radiology, Surgical Suites, Infection Control practitioner, and Psych. I have been in Education, Administration and Clinical roles. For over eleven years I have had the fortune to be Faculty with the pre-eminent firm The Advisory Board Company. This firm is based in Washington DC and exists to help healthcare face its challenges. In the Talent Development Partnership as a Senior Director I have the opportunity to help leaders across all levels of healthcare become more effective and realize their passions.

I therefore believe I have a unique perspective of our challenges and contemporary issues. I am passionate about what we do as nurses and offer my thoughts to support and provoke.

I am blessed to live in San Diego with husband Thom, and our two huge Maine Coon cats (Kate and Jack) who allow us to share their lovely home.

– Jim