The Vision

The Intention for Touched by a Nurse© – the website


To support the healing work of all nurses; bringing supportive and  inspirational resources to nurses; knowing their touch heals others.

This site is for and about nurses including those for whom we care. I contend nursing is a sacred calling. There is truly nothing like it. At the beginning of our lives, birth, nearly everyone is greeted by a nurse, often even before their own mother.  This profession requires and combines all the most advanced knowledge of science and technology, simultaneously delivered with heartfelt artful touch and compassion.

By no means is this work easy. It is mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging. It is my hope this site can offer us some brief respites and replenishment. Hopefully nurses will find some nourishment on some levels so you can continue your sacred calling.

My hope in creating this venue is to support the healing work of nurses by supporting the nurses themselves. It is intended to offer options for brief visits and longer journeys of inspiration, thought, solace and encouragement.  Like never before the world needs us.

You will find snippets of my commentary on our issues of today. Inspirations from stories from other nurses and my book “Touched by a Nurse©.” There will be opportunities to share your stories with others; and periodically some humor to lighten our loads.  I trust this will become a living iterative tool that nourishes as we reflect upon the power of our work.

– Jim Kane